If “the guy with the reindeers” had a blog, his latest entry would look something like this:

My neighbor two houses away has problems.  The man is a slacker.  Mow your lawn, fool.  And why do you call yourself “Old Man Neill”?  You’re in your 30’s!  Don’t you have a job?  I always see you out playing with one of your kids at every hour of the day.  Are you some kind of housewife?  When I was your age…oh don’t even get me started.  And one more thing…what were you trying to do the other day?  You stunk up the whole neighborhood burning an entire gallon of GASOLINE in your grill.  I took some pictures of your lunacy for the whole world to see:

My not-so-genius neighbor

Hey “Old Man Neill”, you probably shouldn’t stomp out a fire while wearing sandals.

Um, yeah.  Those are good questions.  The lawn and gas are related issues.  You’re right about the slacker part.  Last fall I was too lazy to burn up the old gas in the mower.  After sitting around all winter, all that old gas won’t start or run my mower.  So how DOES one dispose of a gallon of “old gas”?  Since my wife recently melted our grill, the grill seemed like a convenient container for burning gas.  I guess I do have problems.