I’ve known quite a few alkie’s in my life.  One time I was talking to an AA dropout.  He was all salty because his license had been revoked for too many DUIs.  His claim:  He deserved a blood-alcohol handicap, seeing as the first 7-8 beers had no effect on him.  A .15 blood-alcohol reading rendered a zero on his buzz-o-meter.  Once I made the mistake of going to a baseball game with him.  Every time Frank Thomas got up to bat, the drunk would yell, “Come on big Frank, hit a homo”.

Last Sunday I attended a symphony.  Boring.  I hate classical music.  Problem is, Mrs. is the oboe player.  I tried to concentrate, and listen for her solos, but somehow I daydreamed my way through the whole 90 minutes.  I kept thinking about big Frank, Mr. Drinky, and stupid stuff like that.