I talked the Mrs. into a Valentines’s Day dinner on the 15th.  I figured we could slack and avoid the Valentine’s Day price gouging.  Why not eat a $130 meal that tastes like a $130 meal, rather than a $130 meal that tastes like a $45 meal.  We went to Vivo.  Amazing food, incredible appetizers.  The food was so good, that we didn’t mind the stench of cat wiz, nor did we mind freezing near the window.  Seriously Sam (owner/chef): ditch the cat, or at least train it not to wiz in the low-flow heating ducts.

I pulled that delayed holiday crap in the past.  I had a scheme worked out where the family would celebrate New Years instead of Christmas.  (Buying all gifts during after-Christmas sales.)  It never panned out.  The idea made my students crazy, so I talked it up every December.

I had a blood test today.  I would make a terrible heroin addict.  My arm feels like it’s gonna fall off.  Do arms have emotions?  My arm feels sad and depressed.  Last time I had a blood test, my arm turned black and swelled up Popeye style.