A different rhythm

Tomorrow the Mrs. comes home from Philly.  We move to a different rhythm in her absence.  Dirty dishes stack up like some kind of off-campus college nightmare.  Asia eats avocados and graham crackers for dinner.  We watch entire Penguins games – screaming, yelling, and high fiving each time the Pens score.

Somewhat related…I’m not sure of the context, but I overheard the following:  Asia (4) says to Zach (6), “You’ve been a very bad boy.  Do you want a time-out, a spank, or a kick in the face?”.

It’s been snots-freezing-in-your-nose cold all week, prompting school cancellations on Monday and Tuesday.  Who ever heard of that?  I thought people from Pittsburgh were tough.  Maybe they really are tough, but they just don’t own any warm clothes.