Elise is on a business trip, so I’m playing Mr. Mom.  Oh wait, that’s already my job.  She’s been gone 12 hours, and the house is already in a state of shock and awe.  Not loud to begin with, my “put that away after you’re finished with it” inner voice has completely shut off.

Zach had a dentist appointment, so I picked him up early from school.  The office lady gave me a funny look.  So did a parent.  I come off as a snob, so I’m used to people giving me a “oh you think you’re better than us” look.  But that wasn’t the look.  It was more of a “now WHAT kind of white trash do we got here?” look.  Whatever.  But then… At some point I happened to look down.  Lord have mercy.  I kept my jacket zipped real high at the dentist.  See for yourself:

Not a good look