If there are any teachers out there, here is something fun to try:  It only works if more than one third of your class is black.  In the middle of a lecture, stop for a moment, look at the kids, and say the word “chitlins”.  A riot will ensue.  I stumbled upon this accidentally.  Over the years I repeated this experiment 10-15 times.  Same results every time.  Half the class be lovin’ chitlins.  Half the class be hatin’ chitlins.  Even the quietest kids will share their opinions with mind-boggling enthusiasm.  Be sure to try this towards the END OF CLASS.

One of the 3 dorks from ZZ Top recorded (fake?) radio ads for their favorite BBQ restaurant.  I have a hard time believing these were actually used…
Queen Bee BBQ – Original Spot
Queen Been BBQ – Mexican Menu