I heard a corny Joan Jett song today.  It gave me a flashback of 8th grade.  On the way to History class, Peggy Frisen and a bunch of other girls would howl along with Joan Jett on Peggy’s boom-box.

7th and 8th grade gave me swagger.  I’m a decent cook because of cooking class.  I’m not afraid to rip my house apart and put it back together because of Plastics/Metals/Woodworking classes.  I’ve played in bands because music classes taught me how to play three chords on a guitar.  I wasn’t afraid to write songs because in another music class we spent 9 weeks analyzing the music of the Beatles and Rush.  Because of 8th grade sewing class, I sewed curtains from scratch for my daughter.

I taught 8th grade for one year.  I feel sorry for those kids.  Aside from having a lousy first-year teacher, they didn’t learn any of the things I learned in 8th grade.