Is there an international statute of limitations?  Hopefully.  One fine day Elise and I were walking along a desolate path in southern England.  The village of Findon, to be exact.  I noticed a crappy stone wall.  The wall would disappear into a thicket of bushes, resurfacing at will.  It didn’t seem to serve much purpose.  I took a closer look.  It was even uglier up close.  Wanting more data, I yanked off a chunk of the wall and tried to smash the piece on the ground.  The chunk was unbreakable.  Eventually I got bored, and we continued on our way.

Back at the bed-and-breakfast, I thumbed through a local history book.  Hmmmm.  Apparently the village had just one claim to fame:  It had a 2000 year old stone wall built by the Romans during the Iron Age.  It began to dawn on me why people hate Americans.

Two weeks later, I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe somewhere in the middle of France.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why someone had built a giant expressway through the middle of town.  That beastly expressway was no more than a few hundred feet from where I was trying to eat.  An even greater mystery to me was the absence of cars on the expressway.

When I got home I read up on that “expressway”.  It goes by a different name: Roman aqueducts.