By the time I reached high school, my parents had 14 grandchildren.  At that point, they’d had enough of the child raising business.  This often worked to my advantage.  For example:  I didn’t go to school on Mondays.  I’d tell Mom I was ill, and that was that.  But I had a good reason for staying dumb on Mondays.  Well not a good reason, but a reason:  I was too tired.  Every Sunday night I’d listen to Dr. Demento.  The show didn’t start until 11pm, and didn’t end until 12:45am.  Getting up at 5:30 was out of the question.  The BIG IDEA was to record something cool…something that couldn’t be heard on the radio at any other hour of the week.

I went through those old tapes.  I only found two Dr. Demento recordings worth a listen.  Were they worth missing 100 days of school for?  Given my dim view of high school education, it’s a toss-up.  You be the judge:

The first recording is Martin Chambers of the Pretenders lecturing on ornithology while drumming.
Martin Chambers – A swift one.mp3

This one always cracked me up…
Jim Backus – Delicious!.mp3