My drive towards employee of the year took a hit.  There were two setbacks.  Both incidents happened today at the park.  I wanted to ditch the kids for a minute – I had to pee.  Not wanting them to get abducted, I gave them a lesson on how NOT to get abducted.  I lectured, “If ANYONE at the park ever tries to snatch you, scream out ‘HE’S NOT MY DAD!!!'”.  The kids thought that was real funny.  The more I explained the seriousness of the matter, the funnier they thought it was.  Then Zach thought it would be even more hilarious if he started yelling, “HE’S NOT MY DAD!!!”, while pointing at me.  Oh man.  Not good.

Somehow I distracted the kids and got them interested in the tire swing.  Too interested in fact.  They rode that whirly swing forever.  Zach almost threw up.  Asia did throw up.  Oh well.  Another day at the office.