Office drudgery…Candyland!

Friday was quite a day at the office.  My main client had a major breakthrough.

Asia and I played 6 games of Candyland.  It’s fun if she wins.  If she loses, she breaks down and cries her brains out.  Until yesterday.  With much coaching, Asia lost, and didn’t flip out.  My amazing coaching skills should put me in the lead for employee of the year.  I’ll throw a fit and cry if I don’t win.

When I was five, my dad and I played Candyland every night.  He would always use the restroom while I “set up” the game.  While he used the can, I stacked the deck.  Our games lasted just two minutes.  I won every time.

I thought about it the other day.  He wasn’t stupid.  He knew what I was up to.  He hated that game, and had figured out a way to make it as short as possible.  Nice.