Still running…

While in Chicago, I saw Mr. Wallace’s car.  He must have taken that car on a garbage picking mission to Baghdad.  Who knew a car could get jacked up THAT quick?

I once tried to buy Mr. Wallace’s house.  Here was my offer:  In exchange for the title, he would receive three things…

1. $50,000
2. Home cooked meals.
3. The right to live in his house until his untimely death.

#2 was the key.  Mr. Wallace didn’t appear to get much exercise.  By providing a steady diet of lard infused greaseball sandwiches and rich pastries, the “occupancy issue” would have sped to a quick resolution.

While initially agreeing to this ethically flawed contract, I don’t think he ever took the offer seriously.  I dropped the scheme after I realized its absurdity.