The Lykens Valley Bluegrass Boys

Today I went to the 42nd Annual National Apple Harvest Festival in Gettsyburg, PA.  Festivals always SEEM like a great idea.

The highlights:   A band called Lykens Valley Bluegrass Boys.  They rocked the United States of America.  Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a bad bluegrass band.  Just like rap music from 1991…there was no bad rap made in 1991.

The lowlights:  The sloppiest, lamest thing I’ve seen in my 36 years – a Christian puppet/variety show called “Barb & Friends”.  It made me embarrassed to be a Christian.  At one point they danced to a Jesus-parody of the Macarena.  Oh Lordy-dordy.  One cast member was a high school boy.  His eyes kept darting around, praying that none of his friends would see him.  While he may be saved from eternal damnation, that stage was his own personal hell.