Tonight I played Scrabble with my wife.  She put down the word “stang”.  Her sentence: “the bee stang me”.  And thought I married a smart girl from Ohio.

Ten years ago, I was at “Jumping Bean Cafe” in Pilsen (Mexican neighborhood in Chicago).  Some guy comes in off the street and shouts, “anybody want to play Scrabble?”  He got a couple of takers.  I wish I could hang out somewhere where strangers were that up for anything.

I took the kids to McDonald’s today.  Finding no empty tables in the play area, I shared a table with two strangers.  We all hit it off, and had some interesting conversation.  Alas they weren’t strangers who were up for anything.

Someday I’d like to go into a bar and yell “anybody up for a game of Scrabble?”